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What’s an online account & what information is viewable there?Updated a year ago

A Kauai Coffee Online Account is a password-protected account set up by shoppers at that stores information making it faster and easier to shop with less information to be filled out when making a purchase. 

Creating a Kauai Coffee Online Account is optional and can be created here. You can always shop and checkout as a guest.

Convenient information stored in the online account includes:

  • A default email, address,* and phone number.
  • An address book that contains ship-to addresses that can be updated, deleted, or a default address selected.*
  • A link to manage subscriptions, if applicable.*
  • Order history with links to specific orders.
  • Ohana Perk Rewards history and points balance. If you are not a member, instead, you will see an offer to join:

* Note: Address changes to a subscription must be updated from the manage subscription link, not from the address book or default address on the main account page.

Navigation to the Account page

  • On desktops, laptops, and larger tablets, click on account and then log in with your email and password:

  • On mobile and smaller tablets click on account and then login with email and password:

Navigation on the Account page

Specific Information available on the Account page:

  • All online orders made while signed in to their online account
  • Online store purchases back to 2010
  • Ohana Perks members' reward history and points back to February 2023, point balance carried over from 2020 provided necessary account activity avoiding points expiration. 

Activity that is not available on the Account page:

  • Online orders using guest checkout.
  • Kauai Coffee online purchases before 2010
  • Kauai Coffee Visitor Center purchases

At this time, Ohana Perk points and online gift certificates can only be earned and redeemed online and not at the Kauai Visitor Center.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your account, please contact us through the online chat located at the bottom of this page.

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