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Ohana Perks Rewards

How do I become an Ohana Perks Member?

Joining is easy!. If you already have an online account, log in and click the 'Join Now' button from the Account page:. If you don't yet have an online account with Kauai Coffee, you'll need to create one to become a member by clicking here. For more

Are there easy ways to earn Ohana Perk Points? Yes!

Earning Ohana Perks points is an excellent way to get discounts and exclusive perks. By following the steps below, you can quickly accumulate points and redeem them for rewards. Make sure to join and participate in all the opportunities available to

How can I redeem Ohana Perk points?

Redeeming Ohana Perks points is a great way to save. By following the steps below, you can redeem points on your order today!. Using express checkout methods, such as Shop Pay, PayPal, G Pay, Meta Pag, and Apple Pay, will bypass the option to redeem

How can I see my rewards history?

Log into your account. On the account page click Rewards History below the order summary. Your rewards history will display. This will include:. Note:. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding Ohana Perks rewards history, please contac

I'm unable to see or redeem my Ohana Perk Points, what should I do?

If you are unable to see your Ohana Perk points, either of the following solutions should enable you to see the Perk points once again. During Checkout. These are common reasons customer cannot see their points at checkout:. Click here for step-by-st

Is a Kauai Coffee Online Account the same thing as an Ohana Perks membership?

A Kauai Coffee Online Account is a convenience for shopping on It enables faster and easier checkout because you can store your information, such as name and address. You can also view your order history and manage active subscriptio