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What makes Estate Reserve coffee different from 100% Kauai Coffee?

Each year approximately 5% of Kauai Coffee Company’s crop is selected to become one of our premier Estate Reserve coffees. These coffees are available exclusively to our Coffee Club Members, at our Visitor Center, or in very limited quantities at our

Are all of your coffee of 100% Hawaiian origin?

The majority of our coffee sold at the Visitor Center, on our website and on the islands of Hawaii is 100% Hawaiian. However, our Single Serve Pods products use a blend of Hawaiian and foreign origin coffee beans. Our products that are 100% Hawaiian

Does Kauai Coffee use GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)?

No. Kauai Coffee Company is proud to say it does not use GMOs at all. Our 100% Hawaiian coffees are Non-GMO Project verified.

How long have you been growing coffee?

Kauai Coffee Company began planting coffee trees in 1987. Formerly McBryde Sugar, we have been farming this land since the late 1800s.

How many varieties of coffee beans do you grow?

We have seven varieties of Arabica coffee beans:

What varietal of coffee do you recommend for people who have a sensitive stomach to the acidity that is in most coffees?

Normally, acidity refers to how the flavors are perceived across a person’s palate, but many people are interested in a different kind of coffee acidity — the type that affects the stomach. Because our varietals have less acidity than other beans, Ka

Is Kauai Coffee part of the Fair Trade Movement?

Alternate:. While our 100% Hawaiian coffee is Fair Trade USA certified, being a 100% USA product, Kauai Coffee Company is not part of the Fair Trade Movement. All of our coffee is grown under working conditions that are held to the same standards as

How does Kauai Coffee Company maintain its consistently high quality standards?

All of our 100% Hawaiian coffee is traced to its exact point of origin. Our coffee is double-graded and inspected twice, first by us, then by the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture to certify grade and origin.